Hi fellow members

We are pleased to be able to inform you that our groups now have the go ahead to rearrange their programme of Temporary Campsites (TC), under cover of MCC’s Certificate of Exemption.

For all of ours and the wider public’s safety, group Committees have been advised of COVID 19 related safety measures which must be adhered to. Each TC will be subjected to, prior to your arrival, a full COVID related Risk Assessment.

The success of our TC’s will depend on us all to remain COVID aware. Putting together appropriate safety measures will have taken our Committees and Hosts much time and extra effort to make our stay as risk free as possible. Please stay safe.

Please note that for this ‘COVID’ exercise I found it best practice to rename our rallies as Temporary Campsites. This then brings our events into line with the Governments thinking behind the re opening of Campsites in general. Making ours ‘Temporary Campsites’ is better understood.

Thank you for your patience, please enjoy.

Tony Heal
Safety Officer
The Motor Caravanners Club Ltd